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Therapy man 500ML Hair and body wash

Therapy man 500ML Hair and body wash


Designed to help refresh and rejuvenate the skin, scalp and hair, Therapy Man hair and body wash is blended with the pure and natural essential oils of Sandalwood and Cypress; an invigorating and hydrating combination that helps to care for the face and skin. Therapy Man Range is an easy and effective way to bring the benefits of essential oils into every day life. Timeless styling and consumer desire for natural products with environmental accountability, has seen our new distributorship; The Aromatherapy Company, become a major force in the natural products market in New Zealand and internationally. The Aromatherapy Company was established in 1990 and has become a leading supplier of Home Fragrance and Body Care products. Passionate about sharing the benefits of essential oils, they aim to bring this goodness to as many people as possible and share their unique outlook with the world.