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Aromatherapy Kitchen Therapy Candle - Lemongrass Lime and Bergamot

Aromatherapy Kitchen Therapy Candle - Lemongrass Lime and Bergamot

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  • Culinary inspired candle
  • 260g size
  • Fragrances of lemongrass, lime & bergamot
  • Eliminate cooking odours
  • Made with soy and natural plant wax
  • Ideal housewarming gift –luxury hessian texture gift box

Transform an unpleasant or intense kitchen atmosphere to a refreshing and neutralising aroma with this blend of essential oils in a culinary inspired kitchen fragrance. With a zesty and energizing effect, this alluring blend has been put into a candle and specially formulated to enlighten your senses and naturally eliminate the air of unwanted cooking odours. With crisp, revitalizing and exhilarating effects from lime essential oils, naturally deodorising power of lemongrass and sharp citrus undertones of bergamot, this sweet layered aroma will enlighten your senses and the stylish candle will add sophistication and decor to your space.

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