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Children's yoga dice

Children's yoga dice


Keep kids fit and healthy by introducing them to yoga, with this fun set of dice. The game includes three dice, two pose dice, and one action dice. To play simply roll the action dice along with one or two of the pose dice and perform the action along with the pose. The actions include 'invent your own yoga pose', great for inspiring kids creativity, 'pose and say something nice about yourself', to help with their self esteem, 'pose and say something nice about yourself and someone else', again confidence and caring boosting. A truly lovely game to inspire their little inner Yogi. 

  • Kids yoga dice
  • Poses include, airplane, cat, warrior, bow, 3 legged dog, spinal, boat, dancer, tree, shell, plank, and happy baby
  • Eco friendly cardboard packaging with sisal handle
  • 3 x dice 7cm square
  • Full instructions printed on the box