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250ml Cocoa, Vanilla and Cassia Diffusion Set

250ml Cocoa, Vanilla and Cassia Diffusion Set


A therapeutic way to fragrance your home.

Made with the essential blend of Vanilla & Cassia to create a decadent, rich aroma. Infuse your environment with comfort, balance and harmony. The delicious, heady aroma of Cocoa is a relaxing aphrodisiac and a source of spiritual wisdom and energy. The rich, sweet scent of Vanilla warms the soul and reduces stress, it can be comforting and relaxing. The delicate scent of Cassia can comfort and reassure while helping to combat exhaustion and irritability. This warm, spicy blend creates an environment of calmness and contentment.

The Therapy Range is a collection of body care and home fragrance products that are blended with a range of essential oils to create alluring, layered aromas and bring the benefits of essentials oils into everyday life. Beneficial to the mind, body and soul, this selection of fragrance blends create signature layered aromas distinct to this collection.

Size: H160 x W70 x D70mm


  • Type: Diffusers
  • Material: 100% Glass