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Floral Microfibre Hair Drying Towel - Set of 2

Floral Microfibre Hair Drying Towel - Set of 2

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Treat your tresses!

This lightweight and innovative microfibre material quickly absorbs moisture from damp hair, reducing damage and time spent blow-drying. The unique twist and button design keeps hair in place and out of your face!

Perfect for after showering, it's lightweight but super absorbent, meaning it reduces drying time and minimises frizz!

  • Less blow drying
  • Less Damage
  • Softer & Fuller Hair 
  • One size fits most

How to use:

  1. Use on wet hair after showering
  2. Just place over your head and twist the end of the towel
  3. Secure at the top of the neck with the button

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