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Green Fern Bottle Matches

Green Fern Bottle Matches


A decorative bottle filled with our fabulous luxury matches makes the perfect gift for any occasion. 

Contains 125 matches, each measuring 100mm Long

Dimensions 190 x 80 x 0 mm

Toxin free 

unlike other matches ours don't contain harmful toxins like sulphur or zinc oxide.

About Archivist

Archivist was founded in 1998 by husband & wife duo William & Sarah

As the name might suggest; the archives of the Natural History Museum is where it first began. Although the archives have changed the enthusiasm for hunting for images has not gone. Collaborating with artists all over the world, they have created the finest range of British Letterpress Cards, Prints and lest we forget our luxury matches

Our best selling square match boxes is where it all started! Making fabulous, fun & practical gifts for any occasion!