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Original recipes shea & buttermilk hand cream

Original recipes shea & buttermilk hand cream


This skin-softening natural oil and butter enriched recipe contains a nourishing blend of 10% shea butter together with creamy buttermilk, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil. The natural lactic acid in the buttermilk has a gentle exfoliating action on the skin leaving hands feeling soft and supple. 

Naturally rich and moisturising this comforting scent - with top notes of English lavender, mandarin and sweet Brazilian orange followed by a touch of garden herbs leading to a floral body of classic lily of the valley, fresh soya milk and fresh dewy iris with creamy coconut milk, tonka, crushed vanilla pod, shea butter and woods at the base - envelops your skin.

Dermatologically tested. Sensitive Formula.

Vegetarian Friendly.