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Steam Eye Mask - Cucumber 5 Piece

Steam Eye Mask - Cucumber 5 Piece


Soothe and relax tired, strained eyes with this Lavender Steam Eye Mask. Designed to hug the contours of your face, this mask provides instant warmth to help relieve tension, while the calming Lavender fragrance relaxes the mind.


Includes 5 masks

Fragrance: Cucumber 

Heat lasts for 30 mins

Helps to soothe tired, strained eyes

Promotes relaxation

Vegan Friendly

Cruelty Free



Remove eye mask from pouch then carefully tare along the perforated lines and unfold ear straps.

Place the mask over your eyes with the pattern facing outwards and the notched edge above the nose, securing the straps behind your ears.

Sit back and enjoy the warming sensation! The warmth will last for approximately 30 minutes.