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Tokyo Cult Recipes

Tokyo Cult Recipes


Following on from the best-selling New York Cult Recipes and Venice Cult Recipes, Tokyo Cult Recipes is another beautifully illustrated recipe book and travel guide in one, with bespoke photography of Tokyo food markets, street scenes, kitchens and food producers. With more than 100 recipes from the gastronomic megacity, Tokyo Cult Recipes demystifies Japanese food to make it simple for everyone to enjoy. A must-read for fans of Tim Anderson s, Japan Easy and The Wagamama Cookbook.

Maori Murota wants to introduce you to the authentic dishes of the Tokyo she grew up in with recipes drawn from memories of her childhood and the trip Maori made for this book, visiting her favourite neighbourhoods and going back to family sources. Becoming a sushi master may not be within everyone s reach, but everyday Japanese cooking is not difficult to learn.

Recipes from the book include:


  • Rolled Omlette (Tamago Yaki)
  • Marinated Tuna with Avocado and Rice (Maguro Avocado Don)
  • Japanese Fried Noodles (Yakisoba)
  • Vegetable Bento
  • Matcha and White Chocolate Cake
  • Yuzu and Shiso flavoured Sorbet
  • Fried Tofu with Dashi (Agedashi-Dofu)
  • Chicken Skewers (Yakitori)
  • Beef Hotpot (Sukiyaki)