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White Tea & Ginger Glazed Blue Ceramic Diffuser 200ml

White Tea & Ginger Glazed Blue Ceramic Diffuser 200ml


Slotting into your home with ease- Jetset to the depths of peace when you discover this wild concoction of White tea and ginger. 

Blending classic and zesty aromas, our glazed ceramic diffuser will not only ignite your senses but instantly boost the atmosphere in your space. Reliving those moments of carefree days and unrelenting bliss, kick back, close your eyes and relax as you enjoy these inviting scents that aid the mind body and soul. 

Presented in a vase style of glass that has been decorated with variating shades of our 'Cool blue' and 'Blue Lapiz', this quaint design is poised to please a loved one, holding its scent right till the very end of an impressively long burn time and proving idyllic in moments of escapism. 

Height 10cm x Width 5cm