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Beard Comb Multi Tool

Beard Comb Multi Tool


  • No modern man should be without it!
  • The perfect way to keep your luxurious beard in check
  • Six tools in one handsome wallet-sized package
  • Beard comb (naturally), butterfly wrench, letter opener...
  • ...flat-head screwdriver, bottle opener AND a five position wrench
  • Hardwearing with a classy brushed gold finish
Nothing looks more impressive than a dense, bushy, well-groomed beard. And nothing looks worse than a face-full of untamed bristly fuzz!

If you're a modern man about town with powerful beard-growing genetics, you need to make sure you keep a Beard Comb Multi Tool in your wallet at all times.

Not only will it keep your luxurious facial hair in check, but it also features five additional tools for the hustling hipster gent – a butterfly wrench, letter opener, flat-head screwdriver, bottle opener and a five position wrench.

Cracking open the after-work beers? Tightening a bike saddles? Looking sharp while doing it? You bet.