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Matthew Calvin Jump Studs - Silver

Matthew Calvin Jump Studs - Silver


Jump Studs

When you think of the words ‘jump rings’, you might think of an illusionist’s act, and the props with which, by sleight of hand, they can make two seemingly solid hoops join and unjoin.

It’s a classic trick, and this is one of the studio’s classic designs – one that employs a little sleight of hand of its own. The hoops are backed by the stud, meaning they fall on the outside of the ear – two perfect circles, in Sterling silver, gold and rose gold plate.

These elegant earrings, calling to mind the links of a necklace or linking rings, are truly beautiful. Pair with other minimalist pieces from the collection for an understated look.

The Machinist collection was inspired by architecture and machines. Using geometric patterns and mechanical shapes, designer Matthew Calvin created a range of jewellery that is as interesting as it is unique; solid, yet delicate and detailed.

Size: 7 x 11mm