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Wanderflower Bath Salts Set - Set of 4

Wanderflower Bath Salts Set - Set of 4

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Wanderflower Bath Salts is the ideal way to indulge and restore your inner balance. Take an indulgent bath, with these beautifully fragranced bath salts infused with essential oils.

featuring 4 different fragrances: 

Awaken - Bergamot , Lime & Ginseng 

Revive - Plamarosa & Echinacea

Relax - Lavender & Chamomile

Restore - Peony & Plamarosa

Directions for use: Pour into warm running bath water and enjoy the delicately balanced blends.

Inspired by all the gifts of nature, Wander flower is a beautifully curated gift range that promotes thoughtfulness and well-being.


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